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The color electronic message center certainly makes the biggest impact out of any sign available. The color outdoor LED sign displays up to 16.7 MILLION colors. It looks like you're watching a huge TV! The color EMC display is perfect for your business if you want to guarantee heads to turn and notice your business. Having the ability to stream video, images, animations and text in full color will make you the most seen and talked about business on the block? and probably in the whole town!


The Tri-Color LED message signs display three colors: red, green and amber. They are perfect for that "WOW" factor if you still want to display graphics and animations that will make your potential customers remember your business. With the multiple colors you are able to do more with your messages on the sign.


If you still want to display high resolution images, animation and video, but don't have the budget for a full-color display, then the outdoor grayscale LED is your choice. What's the difference between the color and grayscale? The grayscale sign displays 256 shades of a single color (either red or amber). The graphic or video image you want to display on the sign is visually stunning because of the number of shades that are used. All other LED signs in the industry use either 64 or 128 shades. Our outdoor grayscale signs are double what others use... that's the secret to the stunning images displayed on our signs.


If you just want to display crisp, clear text messages to your community and potential customers, then the monochrome outdoor LED is perfect for your company. The larger outdoor LED monochrome signs will give you the ability to display simple graphics and animations as well. ADS also offers indoor LED Signs in several monochrome configurations.
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The LED Sign is designed to encourage dynamic messaging to the community about your business's product and services. The LED Sign also maximizes your business sign's attractiveness and effectiveness.
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