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Channel Letters and Lightboxes are essential in assisting the customer in identifying your location. Exterior lettering and signage provides your customer with their first impression of your company.
All of our custom Channel letter signs are individually designed to meet our customer's specific needs. Our sales staff and designers work directly with our customer to design the perfect look!

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Channel Letters

Channel letters are a great way to add dimension and interest to your sign. They instantly add sophistication to your company's image and are more likely to attract customers to your location. ADS has a variety of illuminated channel letters to choose from including the popular standard front-lit channel letters, the reverse halo-lit channel letters that are only lit along the edge, as well as custom designs to match your font and logo.


Lightboxes are plastic, metal or wooden encasements housing fluorescent bulbs that illuminate a plastic diffuser panel and clear full-color, large-format digital color transparent plastic cover panel on which an image is printed. Lightboxes are typically molded, durable and easy to use with indoor and outdoor applications. ADS offers a wide variety of standard and custom sizes including double-sided versions. These eye-catching signs provide a maximum impact at a moderate price.
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