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Flex-Face banners

Flex-Face banners are flexible substrates that can be used for interior and exterior graphic applications such as lightbox sign faces, exhibits, backdrops, canopies and awnings. It is available in a variety of custom colors and offers a vivid, consistent, durable color with a glossy appearance. Incredibly durable, flex-face banners are fabric not rigid so they are more likely to withstand an impact than a traditional banner.

Nylon banners

Nylon banners are a perfect solution for your indoor banner applications. Nylon has a smooth, matte finish and is excellent for premium vinyl lettering. This material gives a rich, upscale look to any banner. Common uses for nylon banners are trade shows, museums, corporate lobbies, sales and new product launches, special events and club or organization meetings.

Poly banners

Poly banners are a great fit for short term promotions and advertisements because they are an inexpensive, yet customizable option. While they can be used outdoors, they are most often used indoors for sales promotions, new product introductions, temporary signage, special events and company events. They can be customized to nearly any size and come in multiple colors.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are a low-cost solution for your temporary indoor and outdoor signage needs. Widely used in promotions, special events and new product introductions, this product is also popularly used for directional and informational signage, trade shows and grand openings. In addition to ready-made standard sizes, custom sizes are also widely available. Both come with multiple color options.
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Banners are the most popular type of sign among businesses today. They are versatile, cost-effective, can be made to any size and because they are also flexible and portable, banners can be used for nearly all signage applications. The limitless size and color options available today make it simple to generate maximum exposure with minimum cost.
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